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So you're looking for a queer actor?


Hey there, I’m JJ Hawkins. And, yes, I'm a queer actor.


Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and now a transplant to Los Angeles, I've ignored all my prejudices against Southern California to bring queer representation to the world of film and television. I'm a non-gender-conforming trans-masculine kid and I'm here to use my voice for those who can't. Let's work together and do some damage.

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"JJ Hawkins... is a true sight to behold."

-Amy Harmon, Brimmer Street Theatre Co.


"JJ Hawkins as Cal is a true sight to behold. He is touching, funny, and heartbreaking. He brings extraordinary life into an extraordinary play by Tira Palmquist."         -Amy K. Harmon, Brimmer Street Theatre Company

"JJ Hawkins [brings] authenticity and spunk to a Cal who uses humor as a shield and weapon against an intolerant world."  - Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

"Hawkins played the widest variety of characters, and did so with great polarity. She was the hardest to pick out as she switched personas." -Paige Guthrie, Utah Theatre Bloggers Association

“Oh no.” -My Parents


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