The Talk Around Town

"JJ Hawkins as Cal is a true sight to behold. He is touching, funny, and heartbreaking. He brings extraordinary life into an extraordinary play by Tira Palmquist."         -Amy K. Harmon, Brimmer Street Theatre Company

"JJ Hawkins [brings] authenticity and spunk to a Cal who uses humor as a shield and weapon against an intolerant world."  - Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

"Hawkins played the widest variety of characters, and did so with great polarity. She was the hardest to pick out as she switched personas." -Paige Guthrie, Utah Theatre Bloggers Association

"I also enjoyed the dynamic that Hawkins brought... she had to very quickly switch gears from a young boy to Peter from Galilee and she did this very well."            -Shaun Davis, Backstage Utah

I am a native of the infamous Antioch, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was raised in a standard suburban lifestyle – playing lots of sports and frequenting San Francisco as much as possible. My acting career didn't start until high school, where a random enrollment in a really low quality acting elective course planted the seed. The diversity of my high school and the lack of musical talent lead to a unique high school play experience where we did small, intimate, less known plays that really opened my eyes to what theatre can be. 

I then continued my education at Brigham Young University, receiving a BFA in Acting. I also learned a lot more about diversity over in Utah, when I was suddenly deprived of it. I was forced to study classical work and broaden my stereotype while simultaneously learning to be an individual in a place that seemed to have no room for my androgyny and queer identity. 

I currently resides in Los Angeles, living the stressed-about-starting-adulthood dream. 

Contact my representation, Avalon Artists Group (contact information below) if you're interested in auditions, availability, or just want to become better friends.